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habitus habitat


Cultures and societies get together increasingly - new living spaces are being created, new habitats are being unfolded.

Doesn't clothing also create and stage spaces? It is the shell closest to the body and thus our first boundary to the outside world. It covers, protects and gives space.

Clothes and buildings accordingly share related design principles and fulfill analogous human needs. There is a close existential relationship between them: we inhabit it.

We feel safe when covered.

Paradoxically, the safety of our covers as protective zones offering a temporary retreat is only guaranteed through social alliances.

Also from a cultural anthropological point of view, man is not a solitary 'monad' in Leibnizian sense, but rather a social being.

Ultimately, we only feel safe when our shells are transcending and interacting. An additional dimension is created, a safety net, woven through (social) bondings.​

video in collaboration with: Heinstoldt - Louis Hein & Fynn Stoldt, Vito Walter, Charlotte Brohmeyer, Daniel Conant, Simona Dervishi, Rebecca Dirler, Emma Langstrump, Yannis Mitsos, Pilar Villadangos, Michaela Tomaskova

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