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Clara Twele, nomad, Julian Haritz, Viktoria_Steiber

The modern nomad, adventurer or job nomad, is constantly on the move. He bridges waiting times and stays overnight in ever new places.
To counteract the uprootedness of the urban nomad, the collection overcomes the boundaries between private and public space. Inspired by transportable, foldable utility objects that facilitate travel or provide shelter, pop-up tents, hammocks, inflatable furniture serve to find cuts and silhouettes.
With multifunctional applications in mind, compact outfits were created that serve the traveller as clothing, a place to sit or spend the night as well as a backpack.
A location-independent lifestyle is made possible and a feeling of freedom is conveyed.


Shooting with Julian Haritz, Dennis Sitoe, Viktoria Steiber, Julia Helena Bernhart, Lea Loresch



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